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Hummingbirds by Maureen
The Squirrels
01-24-09 Red Squirrel 0002
Webshots Slide Show:
Here in Montague we have
both gray squirrels and red
squirrels.  In years gone by
we only saw the gray
squirrels and I used to
happily feed them and
enjoy their antics.  One
summer a few years ago
we were overrun with gray
squirrels; we had probably
30-40 around our house at
any given time.  They
started to get very nasty
and the day we woke up to
6 of them in our dining
room was the day I
declared war on the gray
squirrels.  During the night
they had  chewed their way
through a screen and were
after the bird feeders that I
bring into the house each
night because of the bears
in the area.  I went out and
bought all squirrel-proof
feeders and the numbers
quickly dropped to only 3
or 4.  To this day, I do not
deliberately feed the gray
squirrels and chase them
when they come around.

Once we got the gray
squirrel population under
control, we started to see
the red squirrels.  We had
seen one or two over the
years, but suddenly they
were regulars in our yard.
They are well behaved and
we enjoy having them
around and watching
them.  Most of the photos I
have posted are of the red
squirrels.  I don't even
want to look at a picture of
a gray squirrel, let alone
photograph them

06-08-10 Red Squirrel 0014
05-10-10 Red Squirrel 0019
07-15-10 Red Squirrels 0005
07-15-10 Red Squirrels 0003a
Three red squirrels in a squirrel-proof cage (yes, they can use
squirrel-proof feeders).  Red squirrels are much smaller than their gray
09-30-10 Red Squirrel 0001
11-01-10 Red Squirrel 0017
10-22-10 Red Squirrel 0002
02-22-09 Red Squirrel 0003
07-28-10 Red Squirrel 0006a