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Maureen E Lynn
The Deer
06-17-06 Deer0005r
06-17-06 Deer0031r
06-17-06 Deer0038r
06-17-06 Deer0046r
06-17-06 Deer0048r
06-17-06 Deer0050r
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06-17-06 Deer0059r
06-17-06 Deer0055r
06-17-06 Deer0058r
06-17-06 Deer0069r
06-17-06 Deer0061r
    06-17-06 Deer0067r
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06-17-06 Deer0066r
06-17-06 Deer0071r
06-17-06 Deer0070r
06-17-06 Deer0079r
06-17-06 Deer0076r
Hummingbirds by Maureen
We feed the deer corn which
I put out for them.  Because
of the bears, during the
summer months I can only
put the corn out during the
day when I am home to
watch it, but during the
winter months when the
bears are hibernating I leave
it out all day and night.  
During the summer months
the deer can be found on my
front lawn any time of the
day or night.  They are used
to us and let us stay outside
with them.  It's not
uncommon  for me to be
working outside, to turn
around and find a deer
standing a few feet away
from me, staring and
wondering when I'm going to
refill the corn dish.  They
have become very tame
around us over the years.

We have regulars that seem
to have been coming around
since they were babies, and
now they have babies of
their own.  One summer we
had three bucks and six or
seven does, plus a few
babies.  I can't wait to see
what this summer brings!

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