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Maureen E Lynn
Hummingbirds by Maureen
Butterflies & Other Insects
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Years ago we rarely saw a
butterfly or a hummingbird
moth.  There were bees
around, but none close to
the house.  This was
because I didn't really have
a lot of flowers around.  I
had hummingbird feeders
to attract the
hummingbirds, but no
flowers to speak of.  I had
been into gardening many
years ago but my job and
family life got in the way
and the gardening went by
the wayside.  During the
past couple of years I have
renewed my love of
gardening and am now
designing the gardens
around my home to attract
butterflies, bees and
hummingbird moths.  Even
though I have a long way to
go in developing my
gardens, the results so far
have been exciting!  So far
I've positively identified 16
species of butterflies and 3
species of hummingbird
moths that frequent the
flower beds around my
home.  I have a lot of plans
for my yard for this summer
and hope to attract more
and more as time goes by.
09-07-10 Butterfly 0010
Eastern Black Swallowtail
09-02-10 Butterfly 0009
Yellow Tiger Swallowtail
09-13-10 Butterfly 0079
Spicebush Swallowtail
07-25-10 Butterfly 0004
07-18-10 Butterfly 0015a
Cabbage White
08-19-10 Butterfly 0049a
Painted Lady
06-12-10 Bee 0008a
08-04-10 Bees 0022a
09-28-09 Bee 0001a
07-29-10 Hummingbird
Moth 0018
White-Lined Sphinx Moth
08-08-10 Hummingbird
Moth 0002a
Hemaris Thysbe Moth
08-08-10 Hummingbird
Moth 0004a.
Hemaris Thysbe Moth
08-03-09 Snowberry
Clearwing Moth 0003a
Whenever possible, I visit  
utterfly World in  Coconut
Creek, FL and
The Butterfly Place
in Westford, MA.  Obviously
Butterfly World is a huge,
gorgeous park and The Butterfly
Place is much smaller in
comparison, but The Butterfly
Place is a great place to visit,
and you don't have to travel to
Florida to see beautiful
butterflies if you live in the
northeast as I do.  If you are ever
in Massachusetts, do yourself a
favor and spend a leisurely
morning or afternoon at The
Butterfly Place.

All photos below were taken at
The Butterfly Place on 04/01/05.  
06-04-10 Dragonfly 0002
07-08-10 Fly 0001
07-08-10 Fly 0002
08-07-10 Dragonfly 0013
09-06-10 Dragonfly 0001a.
07-27-09 Insect 0001a
08-04-09 Snowberry
Clearwing 0002a
08-11-09 White-Lined Sphinx
Hummingbird Moth 0005a
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