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Maureen E Lynn
The Bears  
Hummingbirds by Maureen
During the summer of 2006 we were visited frequently by a female black bear.  Throughout the summer I referred to the bear as "he" because I didn't
know if it was a male or female.  In the fall of 2006 I was in touch with the
North American Bear Center (any Lily & Hope fans out there? They are also
known as the NABC) After viewing some of my photos, they confirmed that this was definitely a female.  I currently have 600 shots of this bear on my
Webshots pages.   Here are a few of the photos in those albums, as well as links to each album.  Each album contains 100 photos.  

Since 2006 we have had frequent visits from bears, but none comes around as much as this one bear did during the summer of 2006.  I have taken
other bear photos over the years, but have only posted one album on Webshots  That album can be seen by clicking on this link
Bears 07-03-09.  

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Click on the link for each album underneath each group of photos to view the entire album.  Enjoy!